Deburring Machines HDM 3000

The hammer mill deburring system is used for deburring slabs, blooms and billets or similar steel mill products. The machine technology developed by STOMMEL+VOOS and sold worldwide deburrs the products in continuous operation. The moving product is detected by our system and the so-called “burning beard” is removed fully automatically. Particularly good removal conditions are achieved by the fact that the deburring hammers have two working edges arranged one behind the other in the direction of rotation of the rotor (double cutting edge). Thus the beard is removed in two layers. This innovation in the removal of the fuel beard enables all steel and aluminium mills to achieve considerable savings in wear components in the finishing and roller table areas. This machine technology is specially designed for steel and rolling mills and enables deburring of ultra-hot and cold products.
  • Product temperature: 0 to 1,100 °C
  • Deburring rate: 99 % (due to the uninterrupted arrangement of the hammers)
  • Hammer design: special hammer geometry optionally available: double-edged hammers for absolutely clean edges