Stamping Machine FCSM

The FCSM marking system is used for marking slabs, blooms, billets, heavy plates, railway wheels, bearing rings or similar steel mill products. The most proven method of product marking is non-losable stamping. The individual characters are punched in using a pneumatically driven high-speed punching cylinder. Impact depths of up to 3 mm can be easily achieved. Thus a perfect marking image is created even on extremely uneven surfaces. Special features are the unmistakable marking impressions, which remain identifiable even after years of outdoor storage. This machine technology is specially designed for steel and rolling mills and enables stamping of ultra-hot and cold products.

  • Product temperature: 0 to 1,100 °C
  • Character type: alphanumeric (all digits and letters) and logos
  • Font type: unmistakable font type
  • Character size: 5 to 20 mm
  • Marking depth: 0.5 to 3 mm (adjustable)