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ISO 9001 – Quality with system

The quality management standard ISO 9001 is nationally and internationally the most widespread and most important standard in quality management (QM). A certification according to ISO 9001 is possible for companies and organizations of all sizes and in all industries and forms the basis for the continuous improvement process of the company’s internal quality management system (QMS).

ISO 9001 specifies the minimum requirements for a quality management system that companies must implement in order to meet customer requirements and other demands on product and service quality. With the introduction of a QM system, the


the transparency of operational processes is increased
a higher customer satisfaction is achieved
the error rate and thus costs are reduced

A fundamental principle of ISO 9001 is process orientation.

A process-oriented QM system accompanies all essential operational processes and puts them to the test. This allows optimization possibilities to be uncovered even in good organizations.

You can find further information about ISO 9001 here.