Rail Stamping Machine HSRMM

The HSRMM marking machine is used for marking railway rails, steel beams, profiles or similar steelworks products. The machine technology developed by Stommel + Voos marks products fully automatically in a continuous flow. The moving product is detected by our system. The actual position and speed of the product is measured online. With this actual value information and under consideration of the host specifications, the stamps are applied to the passing product in the exact position. This machine technology is especially designed for steel and rolling mills and enables stamping on ultra-hot products.

  • Product temperature: 400 to 1,100 °C
  • Marking type: according to EN 13674-1, UIC, AREA, JIS standard Grotesque 10°
  • character size: 16 mm marking depth: 0.5 to 1 mm (adjustable)