Large Punch Presses

For railway wheels, steel rings and heavy plates

The stamping press is used for marking (stamping) railway wheels, steel rings and heavy plates.

The stamping of the railway wheels is carried out on the upper side of the running tread. Alternatively, the press is designed for stamping on the front faces of the hubs of running wheels. A special stamping tool is required for this.

Steel plates are marked on the upper and lower sides of the plate. Optionally, the side surface of the sheet can also be stamped. Thus the product can be identified on each side.

Type: HSP
Product temperature: 0° – 1.200°C
Area of responsibility: railway wheels, steel rings, heavy plates
Stamp printing: 1.600 – 3.500 KN
Cycle time: approx. 15 s
Type of marking: alphanumeric and logos
character height: 10-15 mm
Stamp depth: 1-7 mm (adjustable)
press stroke: up to 350 mm